New Year = First Post

It’s 3:30am. This is the perfect time to post my first entry to the blog, no?

It’s a brand new year, so here’s a brand new blog with my first brand new post. Exciting.

I’ve had this page for a few weeks now, but I haven’t posted anything yet because, well, I’m not currently traveling or doing anything exciting. So here’s a picture from today’s sunset.0028.jpg

My name is Brett Tomadin. I just graduated from Daytona State College as an Audio Engineer. I now have a degree in Music Production Technology,  and my first venture is to spend three months in  Southern Europe. I’ll be spending roughly a month each in Spain, France, and Italy. The whole thing has no music-related activities, but certainly inspiration is to come out of it all, giving me at least a couple of song ideas… but who knows?

What I am MOST excited for is that recently, thanks to Andrew Kearns, I have fallen in love, all over again, with the creative process that is photography. I will be working on farms and learning how to live self-sustainable, self-sufficient, and totally organic. This knowledge will be invaluable to the type of life I aim to live, but I can think of NOTHING else other than what pictures I will be bringing home with me. I am so so SO excited to shoot sunsets, sunrises, and beautiful views unlike anything I have ever seen before in the lame flats of Florida and Louisiana. So stoked.

I am so excited that I got my first credit card simply for the ability to finance a new camera. I’ve been operating on my Nikon D40 for over 5-6 years, and I think it’s time to step out of the entry-level realm. I aim for the D7200, but will be content with the D7100. My plans, photographically, for Europe, include taking beautiful photos, and taking high-quality cinematic shots. In the end, combining them with my daily journal entries to create a passive, soothing journey for my viewers (and me!) to re-experience my adventures, and to have my thoughts narrate the scenes.

That will conclude this post. I’m officially a blogger. Weird. Last minute shameless self-promo: Help me obtain a new camera by donating to the cause here:
Follow me on instagram: @TheBrettTomadin

Snapchat: @breadtomato


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