Same Spot, Different Shot

I’ll start this post off with my new years resolution(s). 1) I want to spend much time this year traveling, hiking, or camping somewhere outside of my home. 2) I want to take pictures every day, even if they stink. This is the year I refine my photography skills; This is one of many years that I will need to work very hard to make progress toward my goals.


So I’ve been in Louisiana for the past week or so, visiting family, and I’ve been allowing myself to think I’ve run out of things to take pictures of. Today I learned something important. If you find a beautiful spot and take photos of it one day, it does not mean you have captured all that it has to offer. The grass may be wet, or the waves may be rough, or the sky may be cloudy, and the entire scene might seem glum. Well, what if the waves were passive, and the sky was clear? What if that same spot might seem like a scene from heaven when just yesterday it seemed like something less. The featured image for this post is the exact same location, during roughly the same time of day, the only difference being that one was on January 2nd, and the other on January 3rd. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It’s become a bit of a run-away thought, you see. Some time ago I had a personal realization that everything (…everything) is symbolic and meaningful to something going on in your life, and that everything you observe is connected in some way or other. Sort of like the butterfly effect meets symbolism- for everything you observe, billions of years worth of minor events had to occur in order for you to observe it right then and right there. If this is true, how could anything you observe, no matter how small, be anything but significant?

Could a landscape so glum truly be a landscape so beautiful as well? Duality- heaven and hell- yin and yang- good and evil; perhaps everything, everyone, everyplace contains duality. Everyone has a reason for being evil, ugly (on the inside), and, for lack of a better word, scum. But I believe every person who exhibits those traits has, somewhere inside, something beautiful. They are simply ignorant to it’s existence, or fear to acknowledge for mistake that it is weakness.

I told you it was a run-away thought. But these two sunsets have reminded me of something I thrive on, the idea of duality. But, even more, it has taught me that you can never be out of things or places to take pictures. To bring this full circle, I want to take pictures every day 🙂

Enjoy today’s shots!

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