Preparing to Backpack Through Europe

My original intention behind creating this blog was to document my travels and evolution as a photographer and overall creative. But I haven’t traveled yet, so I had no reason to post. I want this blog to be packed with meaningful content, and not daily ego-barf posting my boring day-to-day to the internet. BUT THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.

Not the ego-barf, that will remain at bay. I speak about the TRAVELING. I am currently doing my final preparations for an adventure through Southern Europe. I will be flying out of Miami, landing in Portugal, then exploring Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland. This trip is the reason I created this blog. This trip, I’m certain of it, will have a massive impact on my life, photography, and my direction for the future.

My current plan for this Europe trip is such: I will be taking buses for the majority of the trip (because trains are a bit more expensive than I realized). These buses will bring me to remote locations where I will be working on farms in exchange for a roof over my head, and food. Some times I will be in a tent, and some times I will be in a nice warm bed. While in these remote locations, I will be going on excursions (lone-wolf style) into the wild to refine my beginner photography skills with landscapes I cannot even begin to fathom. I’m stoked.

I will be creating videos, sort of like a vlog, to document my excursions and travels. I’ll be posting them to a YouTube channel I have not yet made, and the videos will be a unique format with beautiful scenery, poetic narrative, commentary, and my favorite photographs from each excursion.


This ought to be my last post until the trip begins- so I hope you choose to follow along! 🙂


Also – I have a bit of a non-stressed fundraiser going on to help acquire a few more bits of equipment for my rig before the trip begins. Things like shutter release remote, bubble level, neutral density filter – stuff of that sort. So give it a peek! My infinite gratitude and love to those who donate, and just the same gratitude and love for those who don’t!
Help me photograph Southern Europe!


Next time is just beyond reach,

Until then, enjoy the rest of your day.


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