Day Zero. Just Beyond Reach.

Good morning, afternoon, or evening everyone- today is only partly cloudy and extra windy with some sunlight (Hallandale, FL)

I have no following so I won’t assume anyone reading this has read my previous posts (feel free to do so!). Here’s a brief: I am soon (today) to embark on a journey through Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, and Switzerland; Photography; My thoughts and philosophies; Blog. You are now up-to-date.

Essentially, I am a creator (I believe we all are). It is what I desire to center my life around. The act of creation is beautiful, whether it be life, music, photography, food, or what have you. The concept of thinking and visualizing something in your mind’s eye, followed by creating that vision, pulling it through to the physical world, just blows my mind over and over again. So, on this journey through Europe I wish to center it around creation. A project which will create the momentum and set the bar for all my future projects! How exciting.

As I write this today on March 6, 2017, I’ve woken up and gone to sleep seven-thousand, nine-hundred and nineteen times. Except for a small chunk of those days where I’ve pulled all-nighters with old friends and my brother. 7,919 days of breathing oxygen on my own and I am now twenty-one years, eight months, and five days old. I remember, when I was in third or fourth grade, one of my teachers said this to us, “The first twenty years of your life are there to prepare you for the rest of your life.” Something along those lines, anyway. I suppose it is time the rest of my life began..
As of now, I feel firmly that truly understanding is always just beyond reach. As of now, I feel that knowing exactly what to do is always just beyond reach. As of now, I feel that my true happiness is always tomorrow when I say I’ll start doing something, or next month, or even next year, which is when I’ll start doing that thing, and every day I wake up exactly like the day before and still that fulfillment is just beyond reach. This is the theme for the project. This whole project, all of its writings, photographs, musical pieces, and whatever else is created as byproduct, is all dedicated to this never-ending chase of that absolutely beautiful masterpiece of a thing, which, is always, unfortunately, just beyond reach.

I’ll be leaving in a few hours to catch the plane. Wish me luck.
Sorry for the lengthy post. I am a bit nervous, truly. Typing is helping.

Next time is just beyond reach,
Until then, enjoy the rest of your day.


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