Day One: Lisbon, Portugal

Good morning, afternoon, or evening everyone. Yesterday was absent of clouds and decently warm at 22 degrees Celsius (Lisbon, Portugal).

Yesterday was my first day arriving in Europe. I had my first encounter with jet lag, and didn’t sleep for over 24-hours, because sleeping on the plane is an impossible task.
After landing, my room wouldn’t be ready for another 6 hours, so I decided to stroll Lisbon at random. I found some really interesting compositions, earned a few blisters on my foot, and ate breakfast at a really cool spot on the coast.
During my wandering I found my way up a steep incline and rested at the top of a hill which looked out to the entire city. It was an incredible view. There was an older gentleman doing some chi flowing and breathing. It was relaxing to watch him as the city fell behind him under beautiful golden sunlight. (See featured image)
Wandering further, looking for my way to the coast using a compass, I came across a neighborhood with something very interesting. The street ended, and a zig-zag walkway up a steep hill arose between apartment houses.
Lisbon City Street 2-2891
After finding my way to the coast (took about 2 hours), eating brunch, and hopping on to the tourist bus that brought me all around (which I slept through 75% of), I got back to my hotel at about 14:00 (2PM), which is about 10AM back home. After doing some work and editing photos that I took, I got in to bed, finally, at about 18:00 (6PM). Sleep is for the weak, they say, and so I slept for 12 hours, not giving a hoot  about that saying in the slightest. It was incredible. I am now awake after this slumber and desire to fill my stomach with… hotel breakfast… Maybe Portugal hotel breakfast is better than USA hotel breakfast.

I’ll end this post with a journal entry from yesterday.

March 7th, 2017.
It’s the first day/night of my journey. It is some time in the early morning, I’m on a plane and have no clue what time zone I currently am in. It keeps changing. I can’t quite sleep. I’d like to attribute this to wanderlust and my excitement to explore this old, yet new, world of which I am hours away from arriving; I’d like to claim I am simply eager to see the history of the old cities, the nature and beautiful landscapes… and while all that is true, it is not even close to the reason why I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep because sleeping upright is an impossible task. My buns are numb, my back is restless, and my head REFUSES to stop singing multiple songs from Chicano Batman. I will try to read myself to sleep.

Until next time,
Sleep is just beyond reach.


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