The City Effect

Today is my 3rd, and final, day in Barcelona. I have been in Spain for about twenty days in total. During these last three days in the big city, I have begun to feel lonely. It’s interesting from an observational perspective, but I’m the one I’m observing so it still blows because, well, I feel lonely. I say it’s interesting because while in Southern Spain, I stayed in a very isolated area of the desert (that post will be coming soon, and out of chronological order). I shared living quarters with two others, and every day I would go off on a hike into the desert solo-style. Never once, in all of the desert’s remoteness, did I get a wave of loneliness. In fact, many days would come to an end as I climb into bed and realize that I had not contacted anyone from back home at all. I camped out beneath the stars completely alone with my thoughts, the wind, and the stars. I felt at home. Now, here I sit, amidst a city of hundreds of thousands of people, and I feel… so distant.

On a less self-loathing side, I’ve had a wonderful time in Barcelona. I try to do touristy

David Fractals-3537.jpg
David Fractals

things, as a proper tourist ought, but it’s difficult for me to stay on the tourist track. I went to Park Guell to see Gaudi’s architecture and mosaic art, but instead I found myself wandering off on some gravel path which led me to a nice view of the city and a busking musician. I ended up spending an hour listening to David Fractals play his guitar and didgeridoo (I also had a wonderful photoshoot with a very photogenic pigeon) . I bought his CD and eventually went on my way.

Pigeon Friend-3527
Afterward, somewhat illogically, I decided to walk all the way to the labyrinth park rather than take the metro. I’ll be honest. I had my camera rig with me and I have heard scary stories of bag snatchers and pickpockets in the metro, in my mind, a two-hour walk cost a lot less than replacing my camera rig. Upon FINALLY arriving to the park, I went in and strolled around the beautiful gardens and eventually found a path (it wasn’t a path) that led into the forested area that isn’t actually part of the park. I went and had a sit among the trees. Birds landed nearby me and sang beautiful songs. I zoned out for a little bit before hearing other people talking just beyond the tree-line. “I suppose I ought to go back to the park I just payed to enter”, and so I did, emerging from the trees on a path that wasn’t quite a path. Passers-by did a double-take before continuing on with their day. The park was cool.Ghostly Labyrinth-3551 The maze was filled with kids, but still a nice, passive activity.  After this visit, I decided to man up and take the metro. I got home in 10 minutes as opposed to a two-hour walk. During day two I forced myself to sit on the city tour bus. It lasted for 40 minutes before I got off at the beach and lay down on a grassy hill, munching on coconut chunks, and watch all the couples flirt and be close to one another. I lay there for a solid thirty minutes before moving locations to a long line of rocks which extended out away from the beach. Here I sat to read as the waves crashed just below my feet. A fresh breeze, consistent and salty. I pulled my beanie lower to cover my cold ears. As I got up to leave, and force myself back on to the tourist bus, I passed by couple after couple, family after family, smiles and laughter, hugs and interlaced hands. I got on the wrong bus.
Later that night I went out for dinner. I went to the bustling area of La Ramblas. I picked a nice restaurant, and as I walked in to the busy restaurant, I told the host “Just one”. They questioned me, “Just one?”. I switched to Spanish, “Si.” They looked around, there were no tables that only sat one person. He pointed to a table with three chairs. He set the three-chair table with just one place mat, one cup, one pair of silverware, and seated just one person, me. I met eyes with a couple who looked over. I met eyes with a family and their child. I ordered, drank, ate, and left alone. This is where the loneliness peaked. This is where I decided tomorrow, when I leave the city, could not possibly come sooner.
Sorry for the sappy post. I don’t do well in cities.

Wuddup Pigeon-3535
Until next time, a feeling of home is just beyond reach.

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